Norfolk Jr. High


By Jaydon Green

Argument #2

I disagree with the shorten school week because i wont have anytime at home.

I wouldn't be able hangout with friends after school.

I would be very sleepy after school.

I would not have anytime to do my home work.

Jack & Jill remix

Jack and Jill went up Slippery Hill to fetch a bucket of water. Then Jack fell down and broke his crown at 2:30 because he was sprinting. Jill came tumbling after. Jack got up and home they went. Mom made food, and they went fast to sleep. His mom plastered his head with vinegar and brown paper.

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is the point guard for the Chicago Bulls, and he is not married. He was going to get married, but his fiance called off the wedding and then left Derrick. Derrick Rose also has one child, a son, and his name is Derrick Rose,Jr. He is 1-years-old. Derrick’s mother’s name is Brenda Rose and his father died in 2009. Derrick went to the University of Memphis, but he didn't graduate from Memphis because he got drafted to the Chicago Bulls and was named the youngest in NBA history to receive an MVP of 2008 and lead the Chicago Bulls to many playoffs. In Derrick’s childhood he looked up to Michael Jordan. Also, Derrick has three brothers Dwayne, Reggie, and Allan. They taught Derrick how to play basketball. Before Derrick went to college, he strongly considered going to Indiana or Illinois for college instead of Memphis. Derrick’s full name is “Derrick Martell Rose”. As a child, he was raised by a single mother in Chicago,IL. Also, as a child, Derrick’s grandmother gave him a nickname Pooh or PJ. His grandmother only called him this because his father’s nickname was Pooh, so she called him PJ for Pooh Jr. Recently Derrick went to Europe and Asia over the summer. While Derrick was in rehab for his ripped ACL, he had a sweet tooth and loved to eat candy, but he had to stop so it would easier for him to leave rehab and focus more on his knee. All in all, that is my feature article about Derrick Rose.