Flag Football

Coach Mac's PE class

Flag Football Unit

For the next two weeks we will be in our football unit. The first week we will learn the rules of the game and certain strategies and tactics. Week two will be entirely game-play with a final written test on next Friday. Our main tactics we will be learning are; route running (slant, hitch, speed out, and streak) and man coverage defense.

South Carolina State Physical Education Standards

8-1.1 Demonstrate basic skills and tactics during a three-on-two modified invasion game (for example, passing to open space during a three-on-two soccer game).

8-2.1 Identify critical elements/learning cues of skills performed in invasion games, target and net/wall games, striking/fielding games.(for example, recognize "balance, eyes, elbows and follow through" as learning cues for performing a free throw).

8-4.1 Work cooperatively within a group to establish and achieve group goals in competitive as well as cooperative physical activity settings