E-mail Etiquette

By: Alex Allee

Things to do when using E-mail

1. Be clear with your E-mails and stick to the point

2. Be appropriate

3. Do not reply to spam

4. Do not forward viruses and chain letters to other people ( it’s not nice )

5. Use good language in your emails

Social Ringtones

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Things you do not want to do when using E-mail

  1. . Do not make emails longer than it needs to be so stick with what you are trying to say to them

    2. Use proper spelling , punctuation, and grammar because if you don’t they might not know what you are trying to say.

    3. Do not attach very large attachments that are not necessary.

    4. Remember to reply instead of typing a new message every single time you do something

    5. Make sure to stay mild with your extras and formats and symbols.


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