January Monthly Newsletter

Dinosaurs, Paleontology & Dinosaurs Artists

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Welcome January & Happy New Year!

We hope that each and everyone of you enjoy the holiday break filled with love, family and the joy of giving. While we are certain our educators will enjoy their break as well, we are also sure each of us will miss your families; especially those smiley greetings we get each morning from your amazing children! Thank you to those of you who participated in our Spirit Week Fundraiser! With your beautiful donations we were able to raise $68 for our adopted family! You are appreciated! Such monetary donations helped to contribute to:

  • Lego kits
  • Remote control cars
  • "Inventor Kits"
  • Books
  • Yard Games
  • Socks & Shoes
  • and Crafting Kits

Here's to another successful year full of Love, Learning & Friendship!

In January's Edition

  • Dates to Remember
  • January Birthdays
  • Art Show
  • January Curricula
  • Watch David Draw!
  • Family and Teacher Of The Month
  • Cold Weather Reminders

Dates To Remember

January Birthdays

  • Bryce F. 01/09
  • Carlos T. 01/10
  • Abigail V. 1/13
  • Maxwell Y. 01/28
  • Eloise C. 01/29
  • Cameron V. 01/31

Art Show

Private Pre- K Art Show

Friday, Feb. 1st 2019 at 3pm

Main Building

All month long, children in the Private Pre - K Program will study our artist of the month, David Krentz, as well as a variety of art media that will make up this beautiful art show!

Private Pre -K

Literacy: Story Predictions & Vocabulary

Letters of the week: Jj, Kk, Ww & Oo

Students will embark on an adventure through weekly stories such as “Patrick’s Dinosaurs” and “Big Old Bones”; leaving students on a cliff hanger and encouraging them to make story predictions. Students will also explore new story vocabulary.

Stories such as: “Patrick’s Dinosaurs ”, “The Case of the Missing Dinosaur Bone” and “Big Old Bones”


Students will explore the differences between herbivores and carnivores. They will also become familiar with Paleontology and the study of fossils and bones.


Students will explore the number 6 through documentation of their studies, will be introduced to timelines, measurements and Math vocabulary: More, Less & Equal

Number: 6


Students will meet Dinosaur Artist; David Krentz who will take them on a journey through lines, textures and mediums. Weekly, Students will learn to create and share in the joy of being an artist, themselves!

Watch David Draw here!

How to Draw "Gorgon" Gorgosaurus Tyrannosaur from Walking with Dinosaurs 3D with David Krentz

Teacher Of The Month

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Ms. JoAnne

Ms. JoAnne has been caring for children at The Learning Cottage since the day we opened our door!. However; Ms. JoAnne is being recognized today because she does not just care for your children. Ms JoAnne exudes our company value system by caring for each learning environment, her peers, the feelings of others and remains beautifully flexible and loving through every moment of her day and interactions.

Thank you Ms JoAnne; for your beautiful and unique soul. You are appreciated by all teachers and families, with whom are cared for- by you!

Family Of The Month

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The Sollenberger Family

The Sollenberger family has been with us for just about a year and we are grateful to have them here! Flint is a bright and spirited young boy who is eager to learn each day and is equally eager to share in friendships!

We are so blessed to have the Sollenberger family in our care and love seeing their smiling faces! Thank you for allowing us the joy of your Flint and thank you for being amazingly huge supporters in The Learning Cottage as well as Flint's early education!


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Cold Weather Clothing

We live in beautiful Florida, which also means in the months of January and February we can literally go, one day to the next, through temperatures ranging from 40 - 80 degrees. As you are required to have 2 changes of clothes, in case of preschool accidents, please be sure to make sure you have packed cold weather items as well :)