Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman and Colton Bendure


Dan Hatch,Aurther Darlinton, Linda Hatch, John Hatch, Stacy Darlinton, Ronnie Vae, Aunt Goldie,Bella Smiley, Ryan, Grandpa Hatch, Grandma Hatch,officer Kelly.

problem and soultion.

1. The problem was the police man couldn't see, so the solution was that Dan had to drive.

2. They couldn't find Mom and Dad so they went to Kmart and it was crowded but the solution was that Dan had to find there car.


In the night of the Twisters this is a black letter day Dan invited Aurther to his house so he came and they went to Aunt Smiley to look at here new tornado proof door but they went back to Dan's house.Next they ate chips and watch there favorite television show.Also they heard the tornado sirens but Aunt Smiley , and Dad was outside working on the farm. fin-lily they were out trying to get to Kmart but they ran into a tornado and a tornado hit there car so officer Kelly couldn't see so Dan had to drive , and Dan finally found his parents.


Grand island Nebraska: The state capital of Nebraska is Lincoln, Next it is border by Colorado,Iowa,Kansas,Missouri,SouthDokta,Wyoming. Fainly the state bird is a Western Meadowlark.
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