The Cell Analogy

A band (The Vamps), Plant Cell


  • Direct Cell Activity, contains DNA.
  • It is the Manager.
  • The manager tells the band what to do

Cell Membrane

  • Regulates what comes in and what comes out.
  • It is the Security.
  • A band's security guard makes sure everything is safe, by letting the good things in and the bad things out.


  • Produces energy.
  • It acts as the band's fans.
  • The crowd is full of fans that are full of energy.


  • Makes proteins.
  • This is the chef for the band.
  • The chef makes food for the band.

Endoplasmic Reticulum

  • Transports & distributes materials throughout the cell.
  • This is the assistant manager.
  • The The company sends items throughout the band so they can sell them.


  • Stores food, water, and waste.
  • This is the band's tour bus.
  • The tour bus holds the band's food, water, and waste on their tours.


  • Holds the organelles together.
  • The lead singer is the cytoplasm.
  • The lead singer makes the band complete by holding the band mates together.

Golgi Apparatus

  • Processes and packages materials in the cell.
  • This is the company that the band is sponsoring.
  • The company packages the sponsor's materials so they can make money.

Cell Wall

  • Holds everything inside, together.
  • This is the arena.
  • The arena holds holds everyone inside to see the concert.


  • Captures energy and uses it.
  • This is the whole band itself.
  • The band uses the crowd's energy to perform with energy.