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Six Word Memoir

Respect others, respect surroundings, respect yourself.

1984 Bingo 10 Dystopian Society Rules

- No spoiling

- No speech that encourages revolt.

- No writing.

- No internet.

- No phone calls.

- No opposition to government decisions.

- State-approved music only.

- Must server in military for at least two years.

- No reading.

- No TV.

George Orwell Author Study

George Orwell was a famous British author born in Motihari, India, 1903. He was a satirical writing famous for mainly 1984 and The Animal Farm. He did not live in India for very long, and his mother took him, his older sister, and herself to Henley-On-Thames, a town in England. His father stayed in India and occasionally visited them. He wasn't very popular in school, and was constantly sick. His major work was Down and Out in Paris and London (1933). The book is about the life of the poor. He used the pen name George Orwell instead of his real name, Eric Arthur Blair. His next book was Burmese Days, exposing the dark side of British imperialism. He also traveled to Spain to fight Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War. He was badly injured in the war, being shot in the throat. In 1938 he become a literary critic and then in 1941got a job as a BBC producer. Then in 1943, he became an editor for a socialist newspaper. One of his most famous works, The Animal Farm, was an anti-soviet satire in which the events and characters of the Russian Revolution are represented as animals on a farm revolting against the humans. His other great work, 1984, was a dystopian future were three totalitarian regimes ruled different sections of the world. Every aspect of life is controlled by the oppressive governments. George Orwell had only one wife till her death in 1945. Her name was Eileen O'Shaughnessy. George Orwell himself died in 1950 of tuberculous. They had no children themselves, but adopted a son named Richard Horatio Blair, a family member of George. Even 65 years after his death, his legacy and writings still live on.