Derby Daily

December 7-11

The Week at a Glance:

Monday, December 7th: #CelebrateMonday Wear those Dragon colors! We are going to have our first Morning Gathering! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Looking forward to our Dragon Fire Choir burning up the STAGE! I can't wait to get your feedback to see if this is a DRE tradition we can begin!

Tuesday, December 8th : Is Derby Night at Culver’s! Bring the family for a night out and support our Dragons! 5-8 p.m.

Wednesday, December 9th: 4th grade is learning at the Planetarium today!

Compass Point Meetings after school! Thank you for working to keep our vision of empowering our Dragons alive and well!

Thursday, December 10th: An incredible night ahead---and it is PJ Day! Looking forward to pancakes and Reading Around the World 5-7 p.m.

Friday, December 11th : 3-5 Distinguished Dragon 2:30 p.m.

Catching "Fire" on Monday!!!

I know this is short notice, but I’m kind of excited about it! On Monday, December 7, encourage your students to wear Derby Ridge colors and at 8:30 we will have everyone gather in gym to kick off the week. We will all get to listen to the choir and then Mrs. Shinn will have quick reminders about Culver’s night on Tuesday and Read Around the World on Thursday. I am thinking that the whole thing will take about 20 minutes. I am hoping that Scoopie will be here, but I know for sure that Fireball will be! I appreciate everyone being so flexible, because I think the more we pump up the events the better turn-out we will have! I will send out Parentlink reminders to parents about wearing DRE Spirit Wear!

Upcoming Dragon Events:

December 12th Support our #DREamMathClub at their competition at AHL

December 14th Happy, Happy Birthday Mrs. Tobben!

December 14th Dragon Tales Newsletter articles due!

December 14th December Data Team meeting with Specialists

December 14th Flu Shots for our DRE Dragons!

December 14th K-2 ELA Grade Level Meeting! Thank you Mrs. Sullivan for lending our Dragon Roar!

December 15th DRE Faculty Meeting! See you in the Media Center at 3:45 p.m.

December 15th 3-5 ELA Grade Level Meeting! Thank you Ms. Walters for being our Dragon Roar!

December 16th Fire Drill

December 16th December Principals Birthday Lunches

December 21st-January 4th Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2016

January 5th Students Return!

January 6th Fire Drill

January 6th BLT meeting

January 7th FSP BOE Meeting 6:00 p.m.

January 8th January Birthday Carry In

January 8th K-2 Distinguished Dragons 2:30 p.m.

January 13th Compass Point Meetings

January 15th 3-5 Distinguished Dragons 2:30 p.m.

January 18th No School Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

January 19th Faculty Meeting

January 21st FSP Meeting 6:00 p.m.

January 22nd Yearbook Candids and Groups Pictures

January 22nd FSP Movie Night

January 25th K-2 Data Summit

January 25th K-2 Math Leadership meeting—thank you Mrs. James for your leadership

January 26th 3-5 Data Summit

January 26th Mrs. Buddemeyer will be our representative at the 3-5 Math Leadership meeting

Drops in the Bucket

CELEBRATING 1st and 4th grades! The Numbers are IN for Parent Teacher Conferences and these #DREamteams came in with 100%! Building wide we were 98%! Excited to be building strong relationships! It is all about relationships #DREamschool

A tip of the hat to our Accountability Compass Point team and also our Brainy Dragons! What an incredible meeting! Thanks for your work to create and communicate our Red, Yellow, Green Levels and begin our Safe Spot, Buddy Room discussions and transformation! Looking forward to the lessons! Looking forward to all our learning in the new year! Thanks for your Leadership!

Hats off to Mrs. Hildahl for the leadership opportunity of our Dragon Fire Choir! I can't wait for the performance tonight--the rehearsals have sounded AWESOME!

Thank you BLT! Fascinating discussions centered on our Dragon success! Way to go beyond the numbers to how we can continue to live our VISION!

How did Judi Privett describe you....WoW! Our Derby Dragons are ON FIRE! Hat's off to 1st grade, Amy Jones and Rosalyn Cosby for working to better understand the Math Interview process! Working to pinpoint Math Challenges and work to inform intervention and help our Dragons find success! Thank you Betsy Quintero for coordinating a schedule for our learning to take place! These Dragons are ON FIRE!!

Data Summits

The dates have been set for the remaining DATA Summits and Monthly Data Meetings

December 14

January 25 (K-2) and 26 (3-5) data summits

February 18

March 24

none in April because of testing

May 16 (K-2) and 17 (3-5) data summits

Additionally, grade levels please, please, please review the Reading Data Decision Rules! This will serve as our guide for the data discussions! Here is the link:

Keeping our Dragons Safe!

As things begin to get more and more hectic with the holidays approaching please remember the importance of CLOSE SUPERVISION of your friends and TEACHING EXPECTATIONS.

Supervision: you should never leave a student and/or students unattended! One can every anticipate what would happen. Please ensure the safety and security of your classroom community by keeping eyes on!

Expectations: Again, we all know routines and expectations are important--and as the holidays approach those expectations MUST be directly taught and reinforced--how can this be done? Let them know and review with them--what it looks like! What it looks like in the hall! What it looks like on the carpet! What it looks like in the classroom!

I was in a classroom the other day and and it was great to see a pledge for reading! Each expectation was reviewed and they knew what it looks like to be a reader! GREAT JOB Mr. Wade!

Thanks for all you do to ensure DRE is the place to be!

Late Start Breakfast and Lunch

As the cold weather arrives there might be times when we arriving two hours later and we need to still provide something to eat to our friends. You will need to have a count to Sabra in the kitchen by 10:25. You can send a number on a piece of paper with a student. The kitchen will be serving breakfast cereal bars. They will usually try to send the same bars to you so there are no arguments. There are only the peanut free options. Lunches for 1, K, and 2 will be moved back by 5 minutes and 3, 4, and 5 will be the same.

December 14-18 Holiday fun is continuing to take shape! Keep your eyes open for more details

Don't forget to upload your TEAM VIDEO by December 11th! Holiday Greeting competition kicks off with our announcements on the 14th! Thanks Tricia!

Monday, December 14th: We #CelebrateMonday with jeans and a holiday shirt! Enjoy the Hot Chocolate bar set up in the workroom

Tuesday, December 15th: We are Celebrating the Holidays at our December Faculty Meeting! Join us at 3:45 p.m. for teambuilding fun! What to bring?? WE will be CELEBRATING! Bring a PIECE of GOOD NEWS TO SHARE and please bring a HOMEMADE gift to exchange in a creative way!

Wednesday, December 16th: It's UGLY SWEATER time! Take part in our DRE Ugly Sweater competition! STAFF photo at 7:50 sharp!

Thursday, December 17th: Who doesn't like Cookies?? Take part in our Holiday Cookie Exchange afterschool.

Friday, December 18th: Holiday Feast! 2:15 Holiday Classroom Parties

I am working on a caroling schedule! I will try to stop by grade level meetings this week to get input from your team!