End of Week Updates + Reminders


A Message from the Administrator

Greetings MCS Families,

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Parent Feedback Survey. Your participation provided the MCS Board valuable feedback on returning to four days a week for in-person learning. Here are the results and questions that emerged from the survey. I have also included answers to the questions from the survey that were discussed at last night’s Board meeting.

Survey Results:

  • 101 responses out of 119 families

  • 71% of families desire the four day model

  • 12% of families want to stay with the current two day hybrid model

  • 11% plan on staying fully remote

  • 6% selected other, which included ideas of going 5 days a week

Most frequently asked questions and answers:

Why not return to 5 days?

  • We depend on bussing and food services for our students through MSD. We would not be able to transport or provide lunch to students on Wednesdays if MSD is virtual.

  • This allows for a deep clean of the building.

  • Teachers need a day to attend to the development of two different types of curriculum (remote and in-person) which will help maintain the quality of instruction and not over burden our teachers with what is already a huge task. They will still provide education for students on Wednesday.

Can we switch our Wednesday to a Monday or a Friday?

  • Again, being dependent on the MSD for food and transportation we will not be able to switch those days unless the District decides to move in that direction.

Will we be able to keep the six feet of social distancing?

  • The elementary classrooms will not be able to have 6 foot distancing because of classroom sizes. However, we are exploring different dividers to be placed on desks where 6 ft. distancing isn’t feasible. The middle school will be able to maintain 6 foot distancing because of the large classrooms. It has proven that masks have helped prevent the spread. In schools that have had the mask mandate, there has not been student to student spread within the school. In the schools where they have had a student to student transmission, it was due to sports. We will continue to require masks and students will continue to wash hands throughout the day. We will also wipe down surfaces, high touchpoints daily and run our ozone light machines every night.

  • We will continue to follow all of the safety mitigation protocols and work to have six feet distancing when possible. The leadership team will also work with classroom teachers to add any identified additional needs to make our learning environments safe.

Carol Moehrle, Regional Director for Idaho North Central Public Health was also able to provide the board with data on the trends we have been seeing locally. This information can be found on the Idaho North Central Public Health Districts Website. If you scroll half way down the page, you will see graphs. You can click on the graphs and select Latah County and the daily trends and age groups. This was very helpful for the board and we will continue to monitor the levels of transmission. In addition, the board was able to ask her questions and use the survey feedback to make a well informed decision that is best for our MCS community. Based on the survey feedback from families, staff, and myself, and information from Carol Moehrle, the board did vote to move to a four day return starting March 22nd, which is aligned with the decision the Moscow School District made. At any time the board can revisit their decision if we see a rise in community transmission. I will also continue to work with Carol to stay on top of the data and science-based recommendations.

Next Steps

I met with members of our leadership team this morning and we are developing a plan and considering all the logistics to prepare having students back four days a week. This includes reconfiguring classrooms to ensure maximum safety, examining the need for additional PPE to outfit classrooms, and adjusting lunch schedules to allow for distancing when students are eating. We plan to start rehearsing these new plans prior to the return so that students are clear of new expectations and ready to go.

If there are families that do not feel comfortable with the four day return, please know you have the option to move to fully online. You will have the ability to return when you feel the time is right for your family. This has been a very difficult year for our families and students and bringing the students back will be beneficial for their overall wellbeing, including academically and their mental health, while still honoring the needs of all families.

Covid has been extremely hard on all of us in many different ways. I look forward to working with our families, staff, and students to make this return as smooth and safety is still one of my highest priorities.

Enjoy your weekend and I appreciate your entrusting MCS with your child's education!!!


Tony Bonuccelli

Administrator, Moscow Charter School

**REMINDER: Schedule for next week (1/25-1/28)**

  • Cohort A will meet on their normal days, Monday + Tuesday
  • Cohort B will meet on Wednesday + Thursday
  • No school on Friday, the 29th and Monday, the 1st