Ancient Greece

Arts, Philosophy, & Religion by: Lily


Pericles strengthened democracy by becoming a leader of a democratic group and persuaded and moved Athenians with his speeches. He introduced reforms that also strengthened democracy. One of his greatest accomplishments was creating the Parthaenon. This affected ancient greece by making it a beautiful place.

The Twelve Gods of Athens

The Gods

Some of the Twelve gods of Athens were Zeus ruler of all humanity, Hera goddess of marriage and childbirth, Apollo god of music & poetry, Artemis goddess of hunting, Athena goddess of wisdom and war, Ares god of war, Aphrodite goddess of love, Hermes, messenger of the gods, Poseidon a god of earthquakes and ocean, and Demeter goddess of fertility. Each city-state worshiped the gods by building oracles & temples. Zeus was an immortal god, who worshiped humanity. The Greeks worshiped this god by getting together every four years in an Olympic games.

Greeks search for knowledge

Visual & Dramatic Arts of Athens

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The Parthenon is a tribute to the goddess Athena. It was created by Pericles. Building this Parthenon made Athens a beautiful place. The Parthenon was made of marble, with rows of columns on all four sides. Inside the Parthenon is a statue of Athena.

The Arts of Athens

The Greeks used visual & dramatic arts for entertainment and beauty. They were the first play-writes and put on dramas such as Tragedies and comedies. They beautified Athens by building sculptures and the Parthenon.

What I enjoyed most

What I enjoyed most was learning about the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece. The goddess that I like most is Aphrodite.