Mission Statement

My mission as a School Counselor is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that targets the emotional, cognitive, and career development of all students. I work in partnership with other educators, parents/guardians and community contacts to support students. These partnerships can assist students in acquiring the knowledge and skills to meet their highest potential, to become responsible citizens, and be lifelong learners in the 21st Century.

November Events

November 3rd - PBIS Celebration

November 5th - Daylight Savings Time Ends

November 7th - Election Day

November 11th - Veterans Day

November 13th - World Kindness Day

November 14th - World Diabetes Day

November 16th - Main Event at School for Candy Man Fundraiser sales

November 23rd - Thanksgiving Day

November 22nd - 24th - School closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

National Native American Heritage Month

National Family Caregivers Month

National Diabetes Month

National Adoption Month

Make A Difference Day

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Red Ribbon Week

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Parenting Tip of the Month

The Importance of Homework

Homework teaches students to work independently and develop self-discipline. Homework encourages students to take initiative and responsibility for completing a task. Homework allows parents to have an active role in their child's education and helps them to evaluate their child's progress.

Inspiring Quote of the Month

Gratitude is the inward feeling

of kindness received.

Thankfulness is the natural

impulse to express that feeling.

Thanksgiving is the following

of that impulse.

Henry Van Dyke