Friday Focus

"Building Tomorrow's Future Today!"

December 4, 2015

Volume 2 Issue #14

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This Week...

Monday- 12/7

Jenkins to admin @8:30 for ECDCS upload

Tuesday- 12/8

T-Shirt Tuesday

Early Release Schedule

Middle School UIL- bring desserts if you are not assigned to a specific area

HFE office staff meeting @1:45 in the office

Wednesday- 12/9

Spirit Stick Sale @ 7:30am

Elementary UIL - China Elementary; leave @ 3:00pm

HFISD Board Mtg. @6:30

Thursday- 12/10

Early Release Schedule

Middle School UIL - bring a "snacky" type food if you are not assigned to a specific area

Furniture Meeting @ HB Neild building conference room @ 1:45 (GLCs, Scogin, Cormier, D. Martin, Jenkins)

Friday- 12/11

Elementary UIL- Sour Lake Elementary; leave @ 9:15am

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Upcoming Events...

Monday- 12/14

Jenkins & Legere in ARD @ 8:30

HFISD Christmas Choir Concert 6pm @HFHS

Tuesday- 12/15

Christmas Head to Toe Day

Jenkins & Craft to Region 5 for T TESS informational meeting @1pm

HFISD Christmas Band Concert 6pm @ HFHS

Wednesday- 12/16

Staff Christmas Luncheon 11-1 Middle School Art Room

Thursday- 12/17

Jenkins & Legere in ARD @ 8:30

Polar Express Day

Student Early Release

Staff Development- 2:00pm HFE cafeteria w/Mrs. Whitehead (will be technology based, so bring a device)

Furniture Meeting @ HB Neild building conference room @ 1:45 (GLCs, Scogin, Cormier, D. Martin, Jenkins)

Friday- 12/18

Class Christmas Parties- A Cookie Trimming Party

End of 3rd 6 Weeks

Student/Teacher Early Release Day

Important Information

  • Make sure you have a parent volunteer lined up for December 16th, from 11-1, to monitor students for our luncheon. If you need help in finding someone, please let us know and we will help you in anyway we can. Also, don't forget, the faculty dessert off! We're asking everyone to bring their favorite holiday dessert, homemade or store bought, to compete for the HFE Dessert Master! (only homemade desserts will be judged)

  • The office MUST have a paper copy of all notes or correspondence that go home with students at anytime. Do not email copies of these to Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Martinson, or Mrs. Guidry. It is very important that we have this, so that we can correctly answer parent questions when they call.

  • Early Release Day Expectations- If you are not scheduled to be working the UIL event or attending the building furniture meeting, the afternoon needs to be spent designing the fully integrated technology lesson plans that are expected each six weeks. Remember, you only need 1 fully integrated tech lesson per six weeks. We left this wide open, giving you the freedom to work together with your grade level team on these if you wanted to. For instance, your team could choose to create 1 lesson together and all present the same lesson to your students, or each team member could take a six weeks and design a lesson for the grade level to present to students. It's really however works best for you!

  • Just a reminder, on an early release schedule, there is no open checkout in the library.

  • On Friday, December 11th, the school board may come by as part of their walk-through that they normally do each six weeks.

  • Thank you all for attending the activity account procedure training yesterday afternoon. Please remember to send Mrs. Byrd any questions that you may have in regards to handling money, so that she can put it in the Google doc. We did get clarification on Scholastic book order money yesterday afternoon. Because parents typically write checks to Scholastic, technically that money does not involve the school; therefore, you may continue to do Scholastic orders how you've always done them. For lunch money, students can be sent to the cafeteria for this and you do not have to fill out any forms. Truly, our procedures for handling money will remain the same, just using different forms. We will use the tabulation form for collecting all money that does not have an order form. If it is over $5, you will need to have students initial by their name when you collect. If you collect money that has an order form, you will use the order receipt form and attach a copy of the order forms to it when turning in money. If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to ask us or Mrs. Bell.

  • If you have not turned in your acknowledgement form for reading the Activity Account Manual, this needs to be turned in by this afternoon. You can turn this in to Mrs. Bell and she will mark your name off the list.

Just for Laughs

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  • Thank you Mrs Bell for making our office look so festive! You are our Master Decorator! ;)

  • What would the 2015 cost be to purchase all of the gifts given in the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas"?

  • Congratulations Mrs. Guthrie and Mrs. Kondo for being chosen by Class Dojo to be Class Dojo mentors for our school! We are so proud of you both for this accomplishment and know that you will do a fabulous job of helping others on our campus to get started using Class Dojo! Way to go!
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