Water use and Water pollution

Belisario Chavez

Wash Away Water Pollution

There is a lot of ways you can help decrease water pollution. The most simplest one is not to litter because a lot of the trash you leave behind or drop ends up in the ocean. You can also pick up litter that you find on the ground.

Dry Up Improper Water Use.

Did you know that the earth is made up of 75% water and only 1% of the water is drinkable. Did you know that if you turn off the water while you brush your teeth you can save thousands of gallons of water A year . It is also wise to take a shower instead of a bath because a bath uses more water then a shower dodo . If you fix your leaky pipes you can save millions of gallons a year. So these little tips can save you water and money.

Here is a little survey you can take about water use and water pollution.

Here are two pamphlets that you can gather information about Water use and water pollution. It also tells you how you can help out.

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