Oklahoma Land Rush

By. Abby morris

The Beginning

The Freed slaves,Immigrants, and the Ex-soldiers were all at the Oklahoma territory getting ready to run for their land that they wanted.There were tons of people there there were only 160 plots of land available and everyone wanted one.Some of them would go out to the land that they wanted the night before and spent the night there so they could have the land.Some people would run out before everyone and they would get shot. Everybody was excited to get going.

The Race

At the beginning of the race people lost some of their stuff.The lost their wagons from them falling off and did not go back for them.People used horses, wagons, bikes, and they walked.People were falling off of their horses and losing their wagons and just losing basically all of their supplies that they had brought.People were even shot for the land that they wanted.

Getting land

The way that people would get their land was by running up to the white flag and pulling it out then putting their flag in it.There were sometimes complications when other people wanted the land.People would shoot someone when they wanted the land that they were putting the flag in the ground.When you put the flag in the ground you had to stay there for five years to claim it.You had to grow wheat and make sod houses.The reason you had to make wheat was because it is the easiest to grow and you have to make sod houses because sometimes there wasn't trees that you could use.You wanted to make your house as fast as you can because you want to be ready for the winter.