Typing games

Ways you can learn to type faster (and its free!)


- Needed for a job

- Impress friends and Co-Workers

- Get ideas and type them faster

- Universal "handwriting"

- Send via computer

- Every computer has a keyboard

Their are two main types of typing

- Digital

- "Physical" Keyboarding

What type of Keyboard?

Well, the default English keyboard is "QWERTY"

- Which are the first 6 letters

- The keyboard is arranged in a particular way

There are other types of keyboards, such as the French one "AZERTY"

- Once again, got the name from the first 6 letters on the keyboard

- The keyboard is arranged in a particular way in which makes it easy for people to type in that specific language

Jobs that use keyboarding

Trick! Most jobs use keyboarding, so they can catch up to the technology around them. here are just to name a few:

- Representative

- Customer Service Representative, or CSR

- Medical transcriptionist

- Graphic Designer

- Computer Programmer

- Teacher

Now time for the fun things - Games!


- Games

- Classes

- Tests