Dandy- Walker Syndrome

Abigail Silva

Causes/ how the child gets it

The Dandy–Walker complex is a genetically sporadic disorder that occurs one in every 30,000 live births.

Syntoms/ Characteristics

-Depleted motor development in infants
  • -Hydrocephalus
  • -Increased irritability
  • -Nausea and vomiting
  • -Convulsions
  • -Lack of muscle coordination
  • -Possible jerky movements of the eyes
  • -Deformities may be present on the patient’s face, limbs, extremities, and heart
  • Treatment (medication, therapy, etc.)

    Therapy the child may need:

    physical therapy – These therapies will assist the affected as the manifestations of the disease process are highly affecting the coordination and full attainment of movement of the child. The child may need a special education, speech therapy, and genetic counseling ( the parents will need counseling to know how to take care of the child because he/she has many needs.) Therapy will probably be best for the child because it will help the child's life be easier and it is skills the child will need.

    Treatment surgery:

    Treatment for this condition involves surgical intervention such as placing a shunt in the patient’s skull in order to reduce the increasing pressure in the brain, intracranial pressure. Ventriculoperitoneal (treats ventricles) or cystoperitoneal (treats cysts) shunts are the said procedures. All the surgery does is help relieve the CSF in the patient’s skull by draining them out.

    Life Expectancy

    When the condition is at its severe state, then it’s expected to have a poor prognosis and a shorter life expectancy range. If it is severe the