Elizabeth Briggs

What is Shift 6?

A shift from teaching academic vocabulary from a literary standpoint and teaching vocabulary that reaches students across all different kinds of texts. There are 3 tiers. Tier 1 is the most basic tier words used everyday, Tier 2 Words that cross all different types of text. Tier 3 These are the words that appear in just appear in a certain content area.

What will this mean now that we must rethink the way we teach vocabulary?

This means that we must spend more time on meaningful and useful vocabulary words. Teachers need to focus the most on Tier 2 and Tier 3 of Shift 6. Vocabulary words are used through direct instruction and comes from all different types of texts. Students left to try and understand the meaning of these words independently would not be successful.

What challenges will we face as we make this shift?

The biggest challenge is knowing as educators what are the correct words to chose for Tier 2. Once you decide what are the Tier 2 words, then educators will need to make a determination on which of the Tier 2 words to teach their students, In order for their to be student understanding and comprehension on the Tier 2 words you cannot teach a big list a one time. It's word choice is very important.

What new strategies will you implement and why? What will you do with your knowledge of Tier 2 words? Why is this information important?

I will go through the text in class and look at the words that cross over all content areas. I will focus on student knowledge and understanding of those words. I will also partner with my teachers at school and tell them my new strategy for teaching students academic words that cross all different types of text., and share my knowledge of Tier 2 words I have selected.I I will use word walls in my classroom, and that is what I will do with my knowledge of Tier 2 words. it is important to share this information with staff so that they can also work on teaching these words. I have found these in the past to be useful and very good hands on learning experience for students. With a word wall it blends several different types of engagement for student learning as well as a reinforcement as it is hung up for all the students to view.