2D Newsletter

April 19th - 30th

Thank you for all coming to the student led parent/teacher conferences. It was so wonderful to see the children showing you their work and classroom. I hope you enjoyed your time in the class with your child and myself.

There are only 6 weeks left of the school year. I can't believe we are so close to the end of the year already. It has been a truly wonderful year and know we will continue to have lots of fun and learning over the next 6 weeks.

Have a great week ahead.



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Bowling Trip

What fun we had at the Qatar Bowling Center. The children were so into it and did great bowling. They did find it a little bit easier with the bumper bars up ;)

It was a great way to end our Forces & Motion Unit. We are now beginning our last Social Studies of the year - Qatar Then & Now.


We have finished our unit on Geometry, Fractions & Time.

We are into our final math unit of the year which is an introduction unit into multiplication. Please look out for the parent letter that is coming home tomorrow outlining the unit.

Poetry Highlights

Shirin, Jurie & Raya did an amazing job reading at the Grade 2 Lunchtime Poetry Cafe.

The children all loved the "Secret Poetry Friend" and all were so thoughtful in the poems they chose for their friends.

Parent/Student Conferences

Some lovely pictures of the conferences. Thank you again for coming.

2D singing stars

Jeb, Mia & Shirin were 3 students chosen by Dr. Greg to sing little solos up the front at the assembly on Wednesday. Their classmates and myself were very proud of them. They did a wonderful job.
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