Starbucks coffee cures headaches


Scientists in America have been studying the effects of coffee on people who have a headache. They have proved that Starbucks coffee cures headaches better than any other brand. The caffeine in Starbucks coffee is believed to be the reason it cures headaches.

Starbucks Vs. Dunn Bros

Which is more popular?

Dunn Bros coffee is becoming increasingly more popular than Starbucks coffee. Starbucks sells a cup of coffee for nearly $4.00 while Dunn Bros sells the same size cup of coffee for half that price. This causes the demand for Starbucks coffee to decrease.

Coffee and Breakfast

Coffee is often bought in the morning to wake people up. A compliment of coffee would be muffins or some sort of breakfast food. Coffee shops often sell breakfast because they have the most business in the morning.

Money Money Money

Teachers got a raise by 10%. Teachers often get coffee before work. The demand for Starbucks coffee is now higher because teachers can now afford it.

Dunn Bros

The demand for Dunn Bros coffee is higher than the demand for Starbucks coffee because its more affordable. Dunn Bros coffee sells similar coffee flavors as Starbucks for cheaper.

More People

The population of Friendswood increased due to a new apartment complex in the area. The demand for coffee is now higher because there are more people in the area.


The price of Starbucks coffee is expected to go on sale next week. The demand for coffee this week is down by 10% however, The demand for coffee next week when it is on sale is expected to raise by 30%.