The Dot by Peter Reynolds

Unit 4, Week 2

Lesson Objectives

Students will identify the theme in the assigned leveled readers.

Students will listen to "The Dot" while following in their books.

Students will listen and sing songs about "The Dot".

Students will work with words using the "ea" vowel partners.

Students will write in complete sentences on the worksheets.

Students will create artwork inspired by the stories in this lesson.

Listen to Reading

Have fun with these songs about "The Dot"!
The Dot Song
The Dot Song Motions Guide - Emily Arrow & Peter H. Reynolds


The Dot

Read and Do

Use "The Dot" to do this paper.
Make your own artwork! Draw using dots, lines, squiggles...anything you want. Use crayons, pencils, markers to create your art.


Word Work

Watch this video, then do the activity.
The Electric Company - Spidey teases Crank
Complete the lessons on ABC Mouse for the long e sound spelled "ee" and "ea".
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Read to Self

Read the books on your assignments.
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Smarty Ants for 20 minutes.
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