Author: Gary Paulsen By: Emil Zalecki


There is a kid named Samuel that loves hunting and while he is hunting, British soldiers burn down the village he lives in. When he returns to the village, he discovers that most of the people were killed but his parents were captured and taken with the soldiers. He sets out to find them and meets many people on his journey. He met a girl named Annie that told him on his journey that he could take a chicken for food. Once he left he heard shots and saw Annie running his way. Samuel asked her what was wrong and she said they killed her parents, so Samuel took her with him. When they were adventuring, Samuel told her when he reunites with his parents again they they would adopt her. On the trip he also met Adnar that helped Samuel rescue his parents and they were found in New York.

Main Characters

Samuel: Is a brave, confident, 13 year old. Set out on an adventure to get his parents back.

Annie: Girl adopted by Samuel's family. Very sensitive.

Adnar: Helped Samuel get his parents back. He is brave and confident.


The conflict in this story is that Samuel's parents were taken by British soldiers and Samuel was determined to find them and unite again. While going out he met Indians and had to fight with them which resulted in one of the Indians hitting Samuel with a tomahawk and getting knocked out. After he woke up he figured out he was saved and rescued by a man. After being saved he continued to finding his parents and met more problems.


Yes I would recommend this book. It is very interesting and appealing to read. 10/10


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