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The Government and Non-Profit Career Expo will be opening soon for registration! If you're interested in these career fields you won't want to miss this event! This Expo is only available to students from a select group of prestigious schools and is a great way to network with potential employers or to find a great internship!
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Interesting Articles & Other Resources

Local Internship Program

Are you interested in having an internship in the spring? Do you need it to be in the Williamsburg area? Log into Tribe Careers and check out the Local Internship Program. Employers in the Williamsburg area post internships in this database specifically for William and Mary students. Contact Tiffanie Rosier at with questions!
The infographic below gives a lot of great information on the current demographic of job seekers. The most important piece of information for you to take away is that most job recruiters find their top candidates through referrals! Take some time over Christmas Break to meet up with professionals in the field you'd like to go into. Informational interviews can be extremely beneficial for students both to gather information and to build your network. If you have questions about informational interviews or networking, feel free to email or to make an appointment at the Cohen Career Center!


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Networking Tips from Forbes

Here's an easy to read, go-to guide on how to approach networking. Networking can be intimidating for many students, but starting early is the key to and easier job search later on. Start contacting alumni and friends in fields you're interested in, or reach out to a professional in your intended career field!

Check out the article now and start making your plan!

Did You Know?

Most non-profit organizations do not post their entry level jobs on national databases. Instead, do some research on the type(s) of non-profit(s) you'd like to work for and target specific organizations. Once you've narrowed down the type of organization you'd like to work for do some informational interviewing and consider volunteering with them! Volunteering is a great way to get experience with an organization, demonstrate your interest, and to network with those already working for that non-profit!

My World Abroad

As a William and Mary student you have full access to My World Abroad, a full service site that works to help students think about how their international experience in school can help them start an international career. My World Abroad has written a guide to the four big things you need to you need to start working towards accomplishing to start your international career!

Check out the article here:

Log into Tribe Careers to get to My World Abroad:

Featured from Tribe Careers

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Internship

The NED is looking for applicants for their Spring 2015 Internship. You'll be conducting research on how different countries throughout the world have constructed their constitutions. The deadline to apply for this opportunity is December 6th.

For more information about this opportunity, to apply, or to look for more like it, log into Tribe Careers and look in the Political Jobs & Internships database.

The Project on International Peace and Security (PIPS)

The Project on International Peace and Security is looking for research interns to assist with running the office. Interns will gain experience in writing briefs and with conducting policy research. The deadline to apply for this internship is December 5th.

For more information about this opportunity, to apply, or to find more opportunities like it, log into Tribe Careers and search in "Job Postings."


Patuxent Research Refuge

Patuxent Research Refuge is looking for applicants for their Spring Volunteer Internship program for Visitor Services & Interpretation. According to the organization, interns will "provide quality educational experiences for all visitors to the National Wildlife Visitor Center and Patuxent Research Refuge through developing and conducting interpretive and educational programs for all ages, leading interpretive tram tours focusing on wildlife management and research, working with Scout groups, and assisting with all operations of a visitor center."

To apply send a letter of interest, resume, and 3 references with phone numbers to

Amy Shoop

Patuxent Research Refuge

10901 Scarlet Tanager Loop, Laurel, MD 20708


The deadline to have all materials submitted is January 5th.


The Career Center will be having a day of workshops the day before Spring classes start! Keep an eye out for the schedule, which will be released soon! You'll be able to gain valuable information about how to use Tribe Careers, how to prepare for an interview, how to update your resume and LinkedIn Profile, and more!