JCE Monday Notes

February 1, 2016

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, February 2 - PBL 2

Wednesday, February 3 - Leadership Meeting

Thursday, February 4 - Kindergarten Power Planning

Friday, February 4 - 1st Grade Power Planning

Friday, February 5 - 5th Grade Oratorical Speeches in cafe from 8:30-10:15

Friday, February 5 - House Meeting at 2:00
Friday, February 5 -PTA Father/Daughter Dance from 6:30-8:30

Saturday, February 6 - Gladiators Game (Chorus)

Monday, February 8 - 2nd Grade Power Planning

Monday, February 8 - Post-Interims 2nd-5th (ELA)


We will have our Interim assessments next week for students in grades 2 through 5. As a practice for our upcoming Georgia Milestones assessment, teachers will be testing classes other than their own (except for 2nd grade) and students will be pulled for small group accommodations as needed. All interim testing will be on paper/pencil, but for GAM, some students will be testing online. You will have detailed directions/script in your testing bin, but if you would like to review this ahead of time, you can find it in the JCE Staff Information folder in itslearning (there is a document for 2nd grade and for 3rd-5th grade).

If you have any questions about Interims, please do not hesitate to ask.

As a reminder about testing times, here are the allowed time limits for each grade level and content area (including those who receive extended time). Please note the amount of time the students you are testing will receive.

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From Admin

Thank you for giving up your planning today to learn about the new HMH resources. We know that it was a lot of information in a short period of time. Remember, these are resources to use as you need them. This is not something to add to your plate. Danette and Emily are available to help with any questions you may have.

March of Dimes:

It's not too late to participate in the March for Dimes fundraiser. As an added bonus for contributing at least $50, you can wear jeans between now and Spring Break! For those who are participating, you will receive something to wear on your name badge so others will know why you are wearing jeans in February and March. We will also be sharing this information with our parents as well.

2016-17 Intent Forms:

If you have not returned your intent form yet, please remember they are requested by next Monday, February 8th. Please put them in Alyssa's mailbox. If you are interested in transferring to another Forsyth County school, the in-house Meet & Greet session will be later this month on February 17th at Otwell Middle School.

TKES Teacher Surveys:

Just as you all recently completed admin surveys for our LKES evaluations, students in grades 3 through 5 will be completing online TKES teacher surveys between now and February 19th. Emily and Annette will have students complete these surveys during their connections classes (THANK YOU, Ladies!). Students will be taking multiple surveys including each block teacher in 4/5 or homeroom teacher in 3rd, one specials area teacher per grade level, and SPED/EIP/ELL as needed. Emily and Annette will be reading each question aloud for all students to avoid any language concerns, and they will also go over any confusing words before the survey begins. Results will be able to be viewed in the TKES platform after surveys are completed later this month. We will send you directions on how to look at this valuable survey information once surveys are completed.

From County

District Collaboration Day on Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 8:00 until 11:30 AM: Click HERE to view the most current master schedule for job-alike groups in each LAC Cluster.

Adult Spanish Classes:

Want to be able to communicate with students and parents in Spanish? Adult Spanish Classes through Literacy Forsyth will be offered Mondays/Wednesdays beginning March 14th at West Forsyth High School and run 5:45-7:45 for 8 weeks. Participants will pay a $25 registration fee, and Title III will pay the remainder of the course fee for Forsyth County employees. This is open to any staff that has regular interaction with Title III (ESOL) parents/students. Title III has reserved 15 seats in this course and only a few seats remain. Please forward this to staff members you feel might be interested. Enrollment is on a first come, first served basis and will close once we reach 15 participants. The form to sign up can be found HERE. Please let me know if you have questions. Gracias! (Jamie Rife)

Curriculum & Instruction

Hi teachers,

Please let me know if you would like a slower tutorial on HMH. I am here for you!

Counselor's Corner


Fourth and Fifth grade will come to me through this Friday, February 5th. Kindergarten and First grade will begin their rotation with me on Monday, February 8th.

Career Lessons:

Please don’t forget that you need to be keeping track of the career lessons. First, Second, and Third grades have three career lessons. Fourth and Fifth grades have four career lessons. Every student who is on our role at the end of the year must have received all career lessons. Any new students (or students absent on the day of the career lesson) must receive ‘make-up’ lessons for the ones they were not here for, so please video your lessons to make this easier. The blank forms for recording these lessons can be found in the Counseling folder on the share drive. These forms will need to be completed and turned in to me at the end of the school year.

Remember that we will not be having a career week this year. The time when you teach each lesson should be aligned to where it most makes sense in your curriculum.

You can find the necessary Career Cluster information and lessons: Elementary Career Cluster Info and Lessons

Please let me know if you need anything!

Have a great week,


Technology & Media

ED CAMP at LHS Feb 6th

If interested, click below to register:


After today's HMH training sessions, I know many of you had questions about how to set up groups and change permissions within itslearning. I will hold a voluntary session for those who are interested in learning about these tools in the next week. Be on the lookout for a calendar invite.


Mark your calendars! The Spring Book Fair will be March 3-11.

We still need about 35 volunteers in order to make this successful…

**Our Book Fairs provide the majority of funding for our Media Center to purchase more books and academic materials for our students and teachers.

**It takes an average of 61 volunteers over the course of the week to run the Fair properly (from set-up to take-down). We cannot be successful without volunteers.

Please consider volunteering. All Book Fair volunteers receive a 10% discount. To volunteer, please click on the signup genius link

Encourage your children to read by supporting the Book Fair! Contact Annette Fye afye@forsyth.k12.ga.us with any questions

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