Biodiversity of the Bay Cat

By: Lauren and Caleb

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Estimated numbers in the Wild

The estimated numbers in the wild are 25 because only 25 have ever been recorded.

Captivity Numbers

The captivity number for the Bay Cat is 44.

Causes of their decline

The causes of their decline is due to their habitat being destroyed by deforestation, commercial logging, and urban resettlement programs. Another cause for their decline is because of their rarity, bay cats have been illegally captured from the wild for their skins.

Steps that are being taken to help improve their status

Groups like the IUCN are trying to help the endangered species not become extinct. Also other groups are trying to end deforestation and poaching, so that the species can grow out.

Summary about article

This article tells that the Bay Cat has a chestnut or grayish coat, that they live on the island of Borneo, that they and their habitats are in danger from logging, and that it is hard to find and photograph this animal.
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A newly discovered animal and its importance

One is the Griffin's Leaf Nosed Bat and its importance is to assist in ecolocation.

Summary of current scientific expeditions and their findings

They found a numerous amount of new species which include several new mammals, amphibian, a reptile, no fewer than 12 insects, and a new bird. It was found by a team of indonesian scientist who were participating in the conservation international's rapid assessment program who were exploring Indonesia's Foja Mountains.