Pop Latin Music

Loca by Shakira

Pop Latina Music

This music is mostly played in clubs, and during Spanish type events. Some important people associated with this music are Shakira, Ricky Martin and Sergio Mendez.


This music originated in Latin America and Latin Europe. Latin pop became more popular in the 80's and 90's. The Musical influences are latin music. dance music and freestyle music.


Latin pop is normally sung in Spanish, Portuguese, French or Italian. Sometimes it can be dung in English. This music is partly influenced by American music, so the main instruments used are guitar, keyboard, and bass drums. This music is mainly played in clubs and club like places, also during Spanish events. There usually isn't a traditional outfit for this type of music. A very famous artist associated with this music is Shakira.
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Some dances associated with this type of music are rumba, meringue and calypso.


This music is associated with dancing and a lot of club types of areas, and Shakira is still one of the most famous and relevant latin pop artists. Latin pop is still very popular today and is expected to stay popular in the future.