Symbolism in Walk Two Moons

By: Angelina Trento


Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two Moons is about 13-year-old girl named Sal. Sal tells her grandparents stories about Phoebe, the lunatic, and Phoebe's disappearing mother on her way to go to Lewiston. Idaho to visit her mothers grave.

Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons Sharon Creech use symbolism to illustrate the topic in many different ways.

Symbol 1

One topic that was used many times throughout the novel is blackberries. One of the first time that Sharon Creech uses blackberries is on the blackberries kiss. "I probably imagined this but I thought I could detect a small dark stain, as a form of a blackberry kiss." later on that page.."I faced that tree squarely and kissed it firmly" (Creech 122) Another time in the book a blackberry kissed happened again between Sal and a boy named Ben. "Ben touched is his lips 'Did it taste like blackberries to you'" (Creech 238) The blackberries symbolize love. Blackberries represent love because everything that happens with blackberries is made out of love. The taste of blackberries when she kisses trees and Ben represent the love she has towards Ben and her mom. This symbol helps illustrate the topic in different ways.

symbol 2

Another symbol that is used frequently throughout the novel is tulips. One of the first times Creech mentions tulips is when her mom was supposed to be back when the tulips bloomed "She wanted me to know that she would be thinking of me every minute and that she would be back before the tulips bloomed. But, of course, she was not back before the tulips bloomed. (Creech 110) A little bit later in the book tulips came up again with the still born baby." The name came to me from the air 'Tulip,' I said. My father smiled. 'Your mother will like that. We'll burry the baby in the little cemetery near the aspen grove where the tulips come up every spring.'" (Creech 149) Tulips symbolize loss. Their mom was supposed to come back when the tulips bloomed but she never did. They named the still born baby Tulip and buried her in the tulips so she would bloom every spring. This helps illustrate the topic in different ways.