Digging Deeper into Plants

Types of Plants & their classifications & Processes

Main Courses

These are the required assignments for Types of Plants & Flowers

Webquests- 100pt

Vocab boxes-120 pt

Biology for Kids Webquest(Plant classification)

You will use the biology for kids web quest!

Work with a partner to complete a tree map and answer the questions within the web quest as your first main course about plant classification


Plant structure Part 1

Part 1 50 pt-Drop box in Learn-due 9/11 SLIDES 4-8(submit as pdf 9/11)

NOTE: WE will complete Part 2 later with photosynthesis!

Plant vocabulary boxes

You will complete the vocab map cards with your assigned small group on 9/10-9/15 and submit as a pdf by 9/18 in learn!

The drop box in learn says 100pt-You should complete at least 10 boxes!

Celery Vs. Cabbage Lab(Vascular vs. Non vascular-complete on Sept 17/18)

Flowers Brainpop, Discovery, & Study Jams Intro 4321-Due Friday Sept 25th

This is the link to Flowers Brainpop


Study Jams



IF time-Discovery Ed-EXploration

Directions: Begin Sept 17/18th-

1. Watch the videos with 3 different partners! at 3 different tables

2. Study the notes

2. Take notes in google drive around your flower circle map(keep in notebook/warmups)

3 Complete the 4-3-2-1 organizer as you go!(Make sure you come up with some perplexing ? you have about the structure of Angio sperms for our Flower Dissection)

(SUBMIT the 4321 BELOW as apdf) due Sept 25th

4. Study the notes and flower models below -then sketch your own model of the flower in Google Draw and label the parts of the flower!(keep for lab)

OR Complete the Parts of a Flower Chart-Look up any flower or use one from the video and see if you can fill in the chart and make some predictions before our experiment)

Intro to Flowers Assignment(due September 25th)

You will submit your mind map and your 4321 chart 40 pt-4321(10 pt each line) so total of 40 pt

20 pt Mind map

-Notes are taken in a neat and organized mind map or organizer(5pt)


Subtopics & topics included-5pt

Info from all videos-5pt

Bonus-Compare and contrast videos!

Angiosperm (flowering plant) Life Cycle
Plant Reproduction in Angiosperms

FLower Stations September 28-October 1st(Due October 9th)

Station 1: Amoeba Sisters PDF response

Station 2: I movie Flower Parts

Station 3:

Station 4:

You will receive one full 30 min period in class on each station, then you will receive on day in class to complete the stations and finish I movie on Oct 7th) You will present I movies on Thursday oct 8 & 9th in class)

Angiosperms Station 1

Amoeba sisters Station

AMoeba Sisters Angiosperms-50 pt

Classwork Main course with small group(50 pt)

Sept 17-22

Station 1-Download the PDF for Amoeba sisters!

Complete box 1-4 as a group!40 pt)

Then each choose the most important step-5-7 to explain!(10 pt)

Option 2:

Write a short 2 page skit or create a VOKI about that will act out the prcoess of pollination from the plants' point of view!

Show at least 3-4 major steps of the process. (10 pt)

I movie Station 2

Work on your I movie with your partner in your group

I MOvie Parts of Flower(50 pt)

You will begin becoming an expert on one part of the flower.

You and a partner will make a short i movie to explain your part of the flower.

1. Show a picture of this part-zoom in and show us what it looks like 10 pt

(Use your model that you had for warmup)

2. Explain it's job or purpose for the flower(use video notes, etc) 20 pt

Is it just for support, pollination, and /or reproduction

3. Give at least 1 interesting fact about this part. 10 pt

10 pt-Technology use/Creativity/Presentation to class Week of Oct 8th & 9th

Parts of Flowers Info Station 3 Choice 1

Google Draw Station Directions(50 pt)

After studying the parts of the flower

-Find a real image of a flower type that interests you on your computer

-Draw into google draw(10 pt)

-Label with textbooks the parts of this flower that it has(10 pt)

* Use note link here for example and/or Discovery ED

-Choose two of the ? to explain while talking about your flower in a brief recording:(20 pt)

Do bees like your flower?

Does your flower get pollinated? when?

Does your flower have male and female parts? Does every flower have both? why? why Not?

Mystery Science Exploration(50 pt)

Watch the video and complete the lesson in Mystery Science

Create a mind map with at least 3-4 main sub topics about what you learned on the topic

Why are flowers so colorful?(40 pt)

Create a little experiment or ? to ask the class related to the topic(10pt)

Station 4 Reading Station

To Bee or Not to Bee(50 pt)

Read the "To Be or Not to Bee" Article with a Partner!

Then work on the Discovery Bee Hunt Station and submit as pdf for a grade!

BEES Discovery Kids Magazine Comic Strip

You may complete the ? below that go with the Kids Discover Bees Magazine or article for 50 pt(5 pt each for 10 ? )

Or you may create a Comic strip in comic life or in I movie/garage band through the life cycle of a bee(50pt) 8-10 slides!

40 pt-info x 8 slides

10 pt-creativity/technology-

Perfect & Imperfect Flowers Webquest Choice 50 pt