By: Yoselin Cazales

The first city is Pokhara,the next city is Patan,and the last one is Hetauda.
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The interesting facts about Nepal

Nepal is one of the finest country with wide ,prospects of the development in technology

and the tourism sectors,with wide variety of flora. Nepal beholds some of the rerest species like the one-horned Rhino,the bengal tiger and their natioanal flour Rhoclolendron

Nepal has over 80 ethnic groups and 123 launguages.

The only living goddnes in the wolrd are called Kamari thry can be found in Nepal

Nepal's Government

Minester :Khadga Prasad Sharma oli,

Ageney:Som Lal Subudi,Chief

The Nepal's economy

Agriculture remains Nepal's principal ecomomic activity ,employing 70% of the population and providing 31%of GDP. Only 20% of the total areas is cultivable another 33%is forested most of the rest are mountainous.