Eat clean. Drink water. Stay active. Be healthy

Mission Statement

The mission of the Physical Education Program is to develop in students the skills, knowledge, motivation, and behaviors that promote student achievement and a lifelong commitment to wellness centered around a healthy and physically active lifestyle.


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Kindergarten Health Lesson Plans

Rainy Day, Smartboard Lesson Plans

1st Grade Health Lesson Plans

Healthy Behaviors & Graphic Organizers

2nd Grade Health Lesson Plans

Fire Safety, Healthy Behaviors, Smart Goals, Friends Influence on Health, Healthy Peers

3rd Grade Health Lesson Plans

Nutrition, Responsible Behaviors, Technology Influences on Health, Dental Hygiene, Eye Health, Personal Safety, Grief & Loss, Goal Setting,

4th Grade Health Lesson Plans

Physical Activity, Grief & Loss, First Aid

5th Grade Health Lesson Plans

Culture and Mental Health, What is Health?, Health and Technology

K-5 Physical Education Lesson Plans

Tennis, Soccer, QR Code Activity, Fire Safety Station, Broomball Relay, Pac Man, Knockout Tennis, FITT, Create A game, Behavioral Observation sheet, Olympic Lesson, Alternative fitness testing assessment sheets. Examples of free rewards for students

6th-8th Physical Education Lesson Plans

Indoor Fast Break Football, FAB Ball

9th-12th Physical Education Lesson Plans

Fitness Testing, Heart Rate Zone, Infectious diseases, Hand Washing

Health & Physical Education Contact Information

Lee Hughes, Coordinator K-12 Science, Health & Physical Education



Alexandria Whalen, K-12 Coaching Specialist Health & Physical Education

Julie Hulslander, Physical Education, Subject Area Specialist

Leisha Roy, Health Education, Subject Area Specialist