By: Brianna Cortez Period 3

Process of Photosynthesis

In the process of photosynthesis, water is taken in by the roots and carbon dioxide (CO2) is taken in by the stomata. Sunlight is absorbed by the chloroplast. The water, CO2, and sunlight is changed into glucose and oxygen is created as well, inside the chloroplast. The plant uses the glucose to feed itself and to grow, the oxygen is released through the leaves as a waste product.

Chloroplast and Chlorophyll

Chloroplast is where glucose and oxygen is created. Chloroplast contains a pigment called, Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is used to trap the sunlight. Chlorophyll also is what makes the plant green.

Photosynthesis Equation

The picture above is the equation for photosynthesis. CO2 is carbon dioxide which, according to the picture and my knowledge, is what is needed for photosynthesis. H2O is the compound for water, another need for photosynthesis. C6H12O6 is the compound for glucose which is one of the products of photosynthesis.