The Amazing World of Coding

By: Kira Pinkard

What is Coding?

Coding is a symbolic arrangement of letters and numbers that have their own special name. Each website that you go to has it's own code which makes the website easier to decode.

Why is Learning to code important?

Coding is important to learn because it helps you create things on the Internet like websites and computer games.

What are the five different types of coding?

Java Script: creates things that can used to make a computer game or a website.

Karel: A coding program that helps first time coders actually create something from code.

HTML: a code to make a website

XML: This helps both machines and humans to read code.

SQL: This code keeps data.

What are the benefits of coding?

The benefits of coding are that you can learn to make a website from coding. You can make a computer game. You can even start your own technology business! also you can learn about the technology that is in our world right now. The code you use to make a website is HTML coding which makes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. To make a website you have to know how to do HTML coding or your options will be severely limited.

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Wht are five different jobs that use coding?

Physician Coding Supervisor

Instructional Supervisor

Game Designer

Civil Engineer

Website Creator