This tragic war was started after thousands of innocent people were murdered on operation search light. operation searchlight was launched by Pakistani government in order to deter Bangladesh civilians from wanting freedom. The war went on from march 6 1971 to december 16. The Dhaka government says more than 3 million people were killed with in this war! this war was devastating to all countries. More than 90,000 Pakistani troops surrendered at the end of the war and 195 officers were found guilty for most of the wars happenings and the governments said they would be prosecuted but never were. In 2010 Hasina set up the International Crimes Tribunal which is devoted to finding war criminals and prosecuting them because most countries won't.
In 1971 floods wiped out crops for Bangladesh and caused over 28,000 deaths. Bangladesh later on was divided into 11 different sections and each was given a different leader. Younger men and younger boys of whatever social class, were equally targets. Entire generations were wiped out because of this war. Somewhere between 1million and 3million people had died do to this war. People were treated like jews to the nazis and some of the same torture methods were used as well. During this divesting war between 200,000 to 400,000 women were raped.this war lasted a horrible 9 month blood bath and in the end they gained their independence.
Short Documentary On History Of Bangladesh Liberation War In 1971
"Amar Shonar Bangla" - Bangladesh National Anthem Bangla & English lyrics

Bangladesh's national anthem.