The Gallipoli Campaign

All you need to need to know

By Taylor Gerke & Brian Lawler

The battle of Gallipoli

This war takes place on the Gallipoli peninsula in what is now known as Turkey. The battle began on April 25 1915 and ended on January 9 1916. The battle was between the Allied powers and the Ottoman empire. The allies intended on securing the strait that provided a sea route for the Russian Empire.

Outline of attacks through the war below

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Current war grounds below


The German Empire was commanded by Otto Liman von Sanders. The United Kingdom was lead by Ian Standish Moneith Hamilton and the Ottoman Empire was lead by commander Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Troops and causalities

British deployed 489,000 troops along with Frances 79,000. The Ottomans deployed 315,00 soldiers. By the end of the war more than 251,000 soldiers had died, from both the Ottomans and the Alied soldiers.

Results of the war

The war ended in an Ottoman Empire win which is now described as more of a disaster for the allies than a close fought war. The Ottomans easily held back the invading forces even though they the Allies had a near 200,000 more troops.

Battle Stories

The link below leads you to a video which tells the stories of soldiers in trench warfare, and naval attacks involved in the Gallipoli Campaign.

Tour information

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Current battle grounds below

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