Cardinal Flyer: October 14

Lauching the Next Generation of Lifetime Learners

It's Officia! Thanks to those of you who voted for our new SIP. 61 votes were "yes" and 0 votes were "no":

Our School's Purpose, Direction and Beliefs:

(we need to know these well for the AdvancEd visit that may happen this spring):


"Grow every child every day."


"At FES, we provide learning experiences that promote creativity, collaboration, curiosity and critical thinking, equipping students to successfully and responsibly navigate an ever-changing world."

Belief Statement of the Week:

Student needs come first.

Thanks to Mrs. Sullivan, Ms. Bailey and Mrs. Tatum for presenting at Haw Creek on Monday!

Congratulations on your PBIS recognition!

Fairview Elementary has earned Model Recognition for its Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) implementation efforts. In honor of our achievement, we are invited to attend the 2016 Recognition Program: PBIS Journey for School Change on Monday, November 7, 2016 at the Joseph F. Koury Convention Center, 3121 Gate City Boulevard, Greensboro, North Carolina.

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Check out the "Eye Can" statements around the hallways posted with student work. This creative example is from Mrs. Buchanan's first grade class.

The Week Ahead:

All week:

  • "B" Week

Monday, 17th-

Resource PLC- 12:55-1:30

SPED Staff Meeting- 2:45

Tuesday, 18th-


Make-up Pictures

No Launch (Title 1 Assistants will be in training)

*Teachers, please send STEAM Night Flyers home today

PLC Early Release

  • 1:00-2:00- 3rd, 4th and 5th Math Vertical Teaming (Data room)
  • EC Training (STEM School Minitorium)

District Advisory Council (6:00-8:30) at Nesbitt Discovery

Wednesday, 19th-

Health Fair

Intervention Day

II PLC- 2:30-3:15

RTA Test

No Launch

3:00-3:30- BCS Cares Campaign in Media Center (fall all staff available to attend)- kindergarten assistants cover 2nd load

Thursday, 20th-

Curriculum Leadership Team (12:00-2:00)

SIT (3:00)- we will start the AdvancEd accreditation process today

Friday, 21st-

1st Grade Planning Day

Eblen Team Spirit Day/ Staff Jeans Day ($3)

3:00- Optional Mindfulness Training with Ms. Jenkins

Hickory Nut Gap Barn Dance (5:00-9:00)- 20% of proceeds to FES PTA

Thanks to Karen Yutzy and Justin Mashburn for attending STEM Lab training this past week!

Exciting STEM Lab news! Save the dates!

  • There will be no STEM Lab the weeks of October 31 and November 7. The lab will be transforming into our STEM lab those weeks!
  • Justin, Pam and Karen will meet with your PLC on November 1 to talk about STEM lab plans. This will take the entire PLC meeting and will be SUPER EXCITING!
  • The new STEM lab will open the week of November 14 for all grade levels!
  • We are getting a 3D printer and 10 iPads for our STEM lab thanks to BCS.

What are you doing with technology? Let the SAMR Model Guide your self-reflection...(read this from the bottom up)

R: Redefinition: technology allows for creation of new tasks previously inconceivable (examples: Skype with experts, compare/combine results with wikis and blogs, publish world wide online)

M: Modification: technology allows for significant lesson redesign (example: integrated email such as Google Docs., graphs, images, spreadsheets)

A: Augmentation: technology is a tool substitute with some improvement (example: word processing with spell check, cut and paste)

S: Substitution: using technology to substitute with no functional change (example: using a word processor as a typewriter)

Thanks for an awesome Fall Festival!

Self Care Contribution by Amanda Herbert

We can all spot the student who has begun his or her day badly: the grumpiness, the tiredness, the reluctance to begin work, the easy flow of tears, the undeserved mean look or angry word aimed at another. We might be better at hiding our bad starts, but the truth is, the way we (adults) begin our day is important too. Elisha Goldstein, a mindfulness instructor, advises incorporating three small changes into your morning routine in order to help you have the best start possible to your day.

1) Have a gentle and soothing alarm wake you in the morning rather than the standard alarms which can be startling. Find sounds that are soothing to wake you - relaxing music, bells, chimes etc.

2). Have a big glass of water before you have any caffeine. Our bodies become dehydrated overnight and caffeine will dehydrate you even more. Have a large glass of water before the coffee or the tea.

3). Do not begin your day with technology or media - there will be enough of that later in the day! Instead, take a moment to go outside and appreciate nature, even if only for a moment. Truly look and appreciate the beauty of a tree, or the sky, or listen for the sounds of the morning outside (whether that is rain falling or the sound of birds). Try to substitute however many minutes you might have been on your device before leaving for work with the equivalent time enjoying the feel and experience of nature. You'll have phone, computer or television time later!