Samuel Adams

By Aneth Hernandez

Samuel Adams

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Personal Background:

  • Samuel Adams was born in 1722.
  • He was raised in a rich family in Purchase Street,Boston.
  • He had11siblings,only 3 made it past the age of 3.
  • When his family died they left him a small fortune which he gambled away.
  • He failed as a brewer and businessman.
  • He got the best education possible.
  • His dad sent him to Harvard to study to become a lawyer.
  • He decided to go against his fathers wishes and focused his life on politics

Historical Background:

  • Samuel Adams served in the continental congress.
  • He helped organize the Boston Tea Party.
  • A member of The Sons of Liberty.
  • Had a role in the American Revolution.
  • He was part of the constitutional convention.