Origami Owl Living Lockets

Marie Olsen, Independent Designer #16757

It's NOT Paper Folding!

I admit, I thought the same thing myself! Boy, was I wrong. I discovered an adorable line of fun & affordable new line of jewelry. I was hooked! Magnetic Lockets that hold $5 charms? Who is the brainchild behind this fab idea?? Turns out, Bella Weems, the founder of O2, was 14 when she started her company! 14! I was worried if my hair looked good enough to get a certain boy's attention!

Get it for FREE

You can order on my website, which is linked through the Headline above, or contact me to have an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar and get it for FREE! The Hostess Rewards are OWLmazing! Plus, what lady doesn't love a gift of jewelry?