A Life Awaits you in the colonies

By Lady Addy Of New York

A New Life for you

In the 13 colonies a life awaits you and your family. In the diffrent groups Northeast, Middle and, Southern they have a diffrent ways of life. The differences are small or big. But I think one of the biggest difference is culture and religion. There are other small things like the way they live.

The Northeast Colonies

The Northeast...

The Northeast lives near rivers and one the coast. They have thin rocky soil. There Natural resources are...

  • Timber
  • Fish
  • Whales
  • Water for transportation
What they trade and sell is...
  • Timber
  • Fish
  • Ships
  • Whales- For a source of stuff
There Culture/Religion is...
  • The Meeting house is used for meeting and religious
  • Only church going men that owned property could vote.
  • The Northeast believed in freedom in religion.
  • Puritan did not believe in freedom in religion.

The Middle

The Middle has...

The Middle colonies have rich soil and a warm climate. There natural resources are...

  • Wheat
  • Iron
  • Farms ( the crops)
The goods they make and trade are...
  • Wheat
  • Iron
  • Fur
  • Tools
  • Furniture
There culture and religion is...
  • They did not believe in fighting.
  • There were people from diffrent country's and back rounds.
  • People had many diffrent religions.
  • Quakers did not believe in war and felt people could pray in there own way.
  • The Quakers were nice to Native Americans and felt they needed to be payed for their land.
  • There were some slaves.

The Southern

The Southern has...
  • Good soil
  • Rivers and Oceans for transportation
  • Farms
  • Mountains
In the summer it is hot is the winter is mild. The natural resources are...
  • Farming (the crops)
  • Rice
They trade and make...
  • Crops
  • Rice
  • Harbor is a trade center
  • Cash crop
  • Tabasco
There culture and religion is...
  • Catholics
  • They do have slaves
  • Good Native Americans relationship
  • Military location
  • Legislative government
  • New England towns were required to have schools

Hope you come soon

Hope you come to the 13 colonies like I said before a new life awaits you and your family so pack your bags and come on over. All the info you know is about religion and culture, the geography, climate, natural resources, and what goods they make and trade.


Cash crop- Cash Crop means a crop someone sells to get money.

Catholics- Catholics means a religion of some people.