Do you accept yourself for who you are?

What is the meaning of not accepting youself?

Accepting yourself is accepting you for the way you are no matter what abilities, and or capability, in short words to accept that we are not perfect but being okay with that. But when you don't accept yourself for who you are, you start doubting yourself, you don't have confidence to face anything, you are insecure about yourself and expect yourself to be better than everyone else.

Why should we accept ourselves?

Because we will not succeed if we don't do something about how our mind is set. You will live your whole life in regret, thinking how horrible you are.

Growth Mindset VS Fixed Mindset

This is a very important when you are in the train of accepting yourself. Growth mindset is accepting that you could improve, fixed mindset is not accepting that you failed and stopping right there. Here's an example: I have problems with this, but I will work on it ( growth mindset ), I have problems with this, this describes how terrible I look. ( fixed mindset ). Growth Mindset is very important if we want to succeed and avoid doubting ourselves.

Acceptance Ourselves :)

Better late than never. We can't live our lives listing our insecurities, instead of that we can live our lives happy. When you start thinking ' what have I done with my life? ', remember how far you've come through, all the challenges you've faced, all the battles that you've been through. You are stronger than you think you are. Accepting yourself is bring yourself and being proud of that.