Dear GLE Enlight Fellow,

Thank you again for being part of GLE. Your energy, thoughtful engagement, and willingness to step out of your comfort zone helped make the program a success. VIA is delighted to invest in excellent and socially aware individuals to participate in the program. We are excited to see ways your personal growth can make a positive impact in your own communities through these two activities below. This will be a jump-start to the next chapter of your leadership journey!


As part of your Enlight Scholarship, we would like for you to deepen your learning and amplify your impact by completing these 2 assignments: Personal Reflection & Community Event.

Below is an overview of the different steps you will need to take in order to complete both parts. Scroll down the page and you will also find detailed information on how to complete Part I, how to complete Part II, different format options, and deadlines & submission instructions.

Part I: Instructions

Reflecting on Your Professional Growth or Your Project Venture

Compose a short but thoughtful reflection about your GLE experience. Your reflection would be shared with fellowship funders and may be posted on VIA’s website.

Professional Growth

  • Why did you participate in GLE?

  • What are your professional goals?

  • What is your single biggest takeaway from GLE that you can apply to your professional growth?

  • What is one step you can take in your home community to actualize your dreams?

  • What is your word-of-advice to future GLE participants?


Option 1: Photo Essay

  • 1-2 pages of written reflection accompanied by several pictures
  • Submit both a pdf and editable word or google doc version with pictures as separate attachments

Option 2: Video essay

  • 2-3 min video reflection
  • Submit as an .mp4/.mov file or post online (e.g. youtube) and submit the link

Option 3: Collage

  • 1 poster report demonstrating your journey

Resources: Smore Flyer, Infographics

Part II: Instructions

Connect to your Community: Hold an Event!

During your time at GLE you created a website based on a social issue you care about. As a scholarship recipient, you showed your passion for improving the world and we would like to see you continue on this path. In order to do this its important to meet with people who also want to affect positive social change. We hope this next step will allow you to:

  • Deepen connections between you and the local community

  • Share concepts learned in GLE (leadership frameworks, design-thinking, peace & conflict theories, non-violent communication or lessons you gained from organization visits)

  • Introduce future leaders to upcoming VIA programs

Please create & hold an original event in your local community before May 9.

The next 2 GLE programs will be held July 8-19 in Thailand and Aug 17-28 in Silicon Valley. The final deadline will be May 15--please leave a few minutes in your event to share your GLE experience and information for students interested in joining 1 of the next programs.

VIA wants to support you through the process of developing your event and for you to practice design-thinking! Please email 2 prototype versions of a short proposal to Yi that includes:

  • event topic

  • approximate date

  • potential location/venue

  • target audience

  • approximate # participants

Tips for holding your event

If you need a thought partner, extra team members, ask for help! Seek out ideas and support from past GLE participants within your community to brainstorm and hold this event. Please note, it can be as simple as meeting a few people at a cafe to discuss the social issue. This is just to encourage you to continue to work toward progress on your social issue as well as share your experience in GLE with others who may be interested.

After the event, please share an update with a brief summary, # attendees, email list and photos or video.

If you need any assistance or have any concerns with the timeline, please let me know. I am here to support you.