Cornell College

Mount Vernon, Iowa

Basic School Information

  • Located in Mount Vernon, Iowa

  • Pre- medical programs like pre-public health, pre-medicine, pre-physician's assistant, etc. As well as majors in the sciences

  • Tuition (including room and board: $38,700 yearly, $154,800 for everything if you don’t count scholarships

  • B+ average student, SAT score of at least 1745, ACT score of 23 and above

  • Acceptance rate: 73.6%

  • 11:1 student to faculty ratio

  • 4 year graduation rate 93%

  • 1077 students

  • Block Schedule (1 class at a time)

All About Cornell College

Location Information:

Fun things to do in Mount Vernon, Iowa:

  • Movie theater
  • Boutiques
  • Coral Ridge Mall
  • Cedar Rapids
  • Palisades-Kepler state park, limestone hiking
  • Within 5 hours of 5 major cities
  • Sledding down Pres Hill (a street closed off)
  • Lake MacBride and Coralville Reservoir
  • Chalk the Walk Festival


  • 34 inches of rain yearly
  • 31 inches of snow yearly
  • average 193 sunny days
  • Average January low 11.5 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Average July high 86 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Mount Vernon Mountain
  • Cedar Rapids
  • Palisades-Kepler state park

Paying for College:

I plan on paying for college through

  • financial aid
  • academic scholarshipg

Scholarships I am planning on applying to:

  • Most scholarships offered at Cornell College (King, Trustee, Presidential, etc)
  • $10,000 Swap Stories with Older Adult Scholarship
  • Three Rivers Community Hospital Youth Volunteer Scholarship
  • May apply for more along the way

FAFSA from deadline: June 30th

Achieving Post High School Goals:

My goals for the next two and a half years of high school include:

  • Maintaining a high GPA
  • Continue with my extracurricular activities (soccer, speech and debate, and volunteering at the hospital)

Classes I will take that will help with my college goals:

  • Body Works
  • Basic Medical skills
  • Advanced Medical Skills
  • Advanced Rescue Techniques
  • Advanced Cert
  • Sports Medicine
  • Sociology and Physiology
  • Calculus
  • Honors Junior English
  • AP English

Available Volunteer Work as Training:

Asante youth volunteering at Three Rivers Community Hospital
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