White people are oblivious

By Nile Hundley

White people article

The point of this article was to show why exactly events like Ferguson keep happening through out time. Taking a deeper look into the root cause. In the big picture, he says that its because of things like reflex racism. People are grown up to believe false things about black people. Stereotypes that develop there key feelings and morals towards black people and there associates. He says that white people don't care enough learn about the struggles of black people while blacks need to know everything just to survive.

Empathy towards homosexuals

Homosexuals through out time have been castrated and deemed demons or heathens for what they want to do. Why, because people believe that they are doing something wrong and that it is unnatural. So, they are condemned by Christians for being unholy and to be believed have sinned and will end up in hell. I don't believe that they should be forced to stop doing what is not proven to be wrong by any means besides thy opinion. No one should be treated like an alien for doing something outside of the normal society agenda.