Oct. 10-14

Mrs. Mowers & Ms. Landon

Reminders/Upcoming events:

* Conference Week next week! Minimum days Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and no school on Tuesday

* I'm expecting your 6th grader to join us at our conference, unless YOU do not want her/him to be there.

* We are collecting money for a gift for Officer Aragon (to be given during DARE Graduation)

* Picture Day is Oct. 21 - Order form was in Boomerang folder yesterday.

* First Math TEST (Unit 1) tentatively scheduled for October 27 (whole numbers, decimals, prime factorization, greatest common factor, least common multiple, fractions, mixed numbers)

Reminder: Aeries Gradebook

* Grades in all subject areas are available for review by logging into Parent Portal. Specific assignments and descriptions can be found by opening a specific gradebook. If you have any questions, please check with you child for next steps.

Extra Conference Info

* Wednesday Conferences only- Please meet me in the office for our conference.

* All other days- Please meet me in my classroom. If the door is open, come on in! If it's closed, I'm probably conferencing with someone at that time.

I may use a timer to help me stay on top of time for our very short conferences. If it looks like we need more time, we can schedule another conference for a later date.

Questions to ask:

* What does Mrs. Mowers mean when she says multiplying fractions is like taking “a piece of a piece”

* Can you show me three ways to divide fractions?

- 3/8 divided by 1/4 (divide straight across; answer is 3/2 or one and a half)

- 1/5 divided by 1/10 (make common denominators...becomes 2/10 divided by 1/10 = 2)

- 5/8 divided by 1/5 (use standard algorithm...keep first number, flip second to its reciprocal...change to multiplication. Becomes 5/8 times 5/1 = 25/8 or 3 1/8)

* How did you like the ending for Cave of the Moving Shadows? How did Kimba's character change over the course of the book? The author had many surprises in the book...which was your favorite?

* What was the most memorable part of the selection "Warriors Don't Cry" (excerpt we read in Study Sync written by one of the 'Little Rock Nine')

* Tell me about the Ancient Mesopotamian video. What were two things that you remember?

* Name some achievements of Ancient Sumerians. (plow, wheel, number system, written language- cuneiform, written history)

* How did your Science study guide review session go today? Was your study guide complete? Did you add information to it?

* Tell me about the format of the test and your study plan. (Chapter 3 Test is next Wednesday, 10/19)