5B Newsletter

Week of October 16-20

Finally some fall like weather. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We have another busy week in fifth grade as the quarter is coming to a close.

In reading, we are reading the story Satchmo's Blues from our Harcourt book. This is a story about Louis Armstrong. Students listened to a song of his today so they could hear him sing and understand the word gravelly. We are finishing up Wonder as our read aloud and will be starting the book, Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko.

In fifth grade math, students are learning about expressions, rounding and estimation with multiplication, and double digit multiplication using different methods.

In accelerated math, students will be continuing to learn about proportions, rates, percents and fractions.

In writing, this week students will be trying to finish up their memoir. They also started a group assignment where they are making a newspaper with stories relevant to the novel Becoming Naomi Leon that we finished. This is a super, fun activity that the students really enjoy.

In spelling, we are looking at the Greek and Latin roots: -Scribe, -Script, & -Press. The students test will be a little different this week as it will require the students to know the meaning of the word and they will have to fill in the missing spelling word in a sentence.

In science, students have learned the parts and jobs of a microscope and are now starting to learn about the similarities and differences of plant and animal cells. They will learn about the parts of each of these cells.

Also, the students were shown what the October book report will entail this afternoon. It will be a Google presentation that they will have to design to showcase their book.