How to choose the best ac in India

With due heat comes the demand for air conditioners and generally buyers do get confused as to what they should buy, certain things which are supposed to be kept in mind are.

Tonnage: Tonnage is the most important factor which is supposed to be kept in mind while buying an air conditioner as it measures the cooling capacity of an AC as per the size and requirement of the room. Cooling capacity means basically the ability to extract certain amount of heat from the room in an hour, which is measured in Btu/hr (British thermal unit/ hour). If the Btu/hr value is higher the air conditioner is more powerful. Tonnage comes with few more factors such as the room size, the floor on which the room is situated, ambient climate, number of people occupying the room, with all these features only one can view the correct tonnage of an air conditioner.

Size of the AC: While choosing an air conditioner one must see the size of the AC, as size of the air conditioner should match to the dimensions of the room where the AC is to be installed. Like for a small room you can’t buy a bigger sized AC as it will end up in immense cooling of the room, this will create unnecessary power consumption which will give higher electricity bill. And if vice versa then it will create more problem as the room will not be cool at all. So one should keep in mind the size of an AC whether to go for a 1 ton AC or a 1.5 ton AC. For a master bedroom in India, it is suggestible to go for a 1.5 ton AC. And for comparatively smaller rooms, it is good to go for 1 ton AC. Keeping these facts in mind, users should need to make a choice of AC that goes well for their use.

Split or Window AC: Once the user is done with the tonnage and the size what is most important is whether to go for buy a best AC in India. The power consumption for both is almost same what a user should see is whether you have your own house or a rented one, because if a user keeps on changing their place a window AC is more convenient, as the installation and re installation prices are less for window AC’s as compared to split AC’s. If a user don’t prefer putting up new windows to the room and prefer low noise then Split AC is more pleasing as it makes lesser noise and do not need any new window for installation. One more thing is kept in mind while buying is the variety, and split AC’s comes in many varieties.

Energy Efficiency and Star Rating: As the temperature increases so does the use of air conditioners increases and so does the electricity bill shoots up. So for the best air conditioners in India to be selected one should keep in mind the star ratings and energy efficiency. Air conditioners consume the maximum amount of power so it is more important to buy a more power efficient air conditioner to save up from wasting energy. If a buyer want to invest, he/she should see the star rating from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), this rating helps the consumer to decide which AC will help cut down the power consumption while saving energy and being environment- friendly. On an average almost for 150 days in an year we need AC’s in our homes, so for that a 5 star AC is the most energy efficient and consumes the lowest energy while conserving energy and it decreases the electricity bill.

Service and Warranty period: Service and warranty period is considered as a very important factor while buying an AC for home use. The user need to select a unit that comes with a long term manufacturer's warranty which provides full replacement guarantee for a specified period. If in case the manufacturer gives an extended warranty provision, one must go with it as it would cover any of the unanticipated maintenance expenses. So it is better to go for a trusted brand and a provision with service support partner. This will help in giving a reliable product and hence the user won’t suffer from any further charges.

One must keep all these factors in mind while purchasing an air conditioner in India, as with these all factors the consumer will get the best air conditioner for their homes which will fit their pockets.
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