Caterpillars - Butterflies

would you like to participate?

Caterpillar Season is here!

Dear Kinder -and- 2nd Grade Teachers,

Caterpillar season is here. Any Teacher that would like to have a caterpillar for each student (and a few for the class) please let me know now. We are planning on bulk buying these little guys, placing one cost saving large order.

Ideally we'd like to order in the next week to have the caterpillars delivered to school by March 24th, dispersed to the student for take home on March 25th. That way, if you like, we can schedule a group release on or around May 5th.

Each take home caterpillar will come with a Birth Certificate, self contained in a cup with enough food to get them to the chrysalis stage and caterpillar to butterfly worksheets. Complete directions on how to build a habitat will be posted online for each caterpillar "parent".

If you would like to participate please respond with your name, grade, number of students and how many extra classroom caterpillars you would like.

**Please note that these caterpillars will develop into Painted Lady Butterflies.

Thank you!

Angela Galletta

FOWHE Enrichments

(Joseph Levy's mom)

Shana Mathur

(Brijan and Sajan's mom)