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Dyslexia Myths

-Dyslexia disproportionately affects boys

Dyslexia affects all genders, races, and ethnic groups equally. Observer bias may cause more boys to be referred and diagnosed with dyslexia.

-Dyslexic people are not smart.

Dyslexic individuals have average to above average intelligence. Dyslexia is not an intellect problem.

-Dyslexia is a visual problem characterized by letter reversals..

Dyslexia is difference in brain function that causes deficiencies in phoneme/grapheme association and retrieval. It has nothing to do with vision. Visual therapies such as colored overlays have been debunked as ineffective for treating dyslexia.

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Words of the Week - The Quest for 1,000 New Words

In our valiant quest to learn 1,000 new words, we have discovered a new ally! MTA reading sheets often have unfamiliar words. Every student is now responsible for their own learning and must point out at least one unfamiliar word per week. A few enemies conquered this week include ...





There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book. – Marcel Proust

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Tips for Parents

Read aloud with your child. There is no better way to develop vocabulary, comprehension, and compassion than reading together.

Encourage your child to use Bookshare and Learning Ally for independent reading.