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Geography - Key Stage Two

Geography Key Stage Two

In this unit of work your child will learn the following:

  • To be able to describe and understand climate zone, biomes and vegetation belts.
  • To understand the different types of settlement and land use.
  • To understand the distribution of natural resources of particular areas of the world - including energy, food, minerals and water.

This is a picture of a boy called Judah and a girl called Reenie.

Big picture

Watch the video to meet them and learn a little about their lives.

Vocabulary you will need to know

Please make sure you understand what these words mean. You may need to look them up.

  • biomes
  • Vegetation belt
  • habitat
  • climate
  • tropical rainforest
  • Eco-system

Quick but very important study

Read all about Papua New Guinea here:

Papua New Guinea

Read a little about Wales here:


Look at the two places and find each one on a world map, noting the names of nearby bodies of water.

Activity One

Look at the three pictures of animals below.

Look them up and see what you can learn about each one.

Find out about the following and write a report - include some sketches:

  1. What do they eat?
  2. Which area of Papua New Guinea do they inhabit?
  3. How do they move?
  4. What features of their body / skeleton help them to live in their natural habitat?
  5. Are they a threatened species? Why?

Activity Two

Papua New Guinea has mangrove forests. Mangroves are tropical trees that live in conditions most trees could never tolerate — salty, coastal waters, and the constant ebb and flow of the tide.

  1. Find out about the types of wildlife that live in Mangroves.
  2. Find out why Mangroves are important to the environment.

Activity Three

Papua New Guinea has swamps. A swamp is an area of land permanently filled, with water.

  • Are swamps dangerous? Why?
  • Find out about why swamps are one of the most important Eco-systems on Earth.

Activity Four

Wales has a maritime climate, meaning that the winds blow in from the cold Atlantic Ocean. This makes the weather in Wales mild, cloudy, wet and windy.

  1. Record a weather forecast for Port Moresby.
  2. Record a weather forecast for Cardiff.

(You can see lots of examples on the TV or You Tube.)

Activity Five

Click on the links to look up and listen to the two National Anthems of the countries:

O arise all you sons

Land of my fathers

  1. How do they make you feel?
  2. Can you join in with them?
  3. Can you make a dance to them?

Activity Six

Reenie's country has a great deal of languages spoken. Judah spoke two languages - English and Welsh.

What do you think the following welsh says?


bara = bread

ni = us

ein = our

Ein Tad yn y nefoedd, sancteiddiaf dy enw. Deled dy deyrnas, bydd dy ewyllys yn cael ei wneud, ar y ddaear fel y mae yn y nefoedd. Rho inni heddiw ein bara beunyddiol, a maddau i ni ein dyledion, gan ein bod ni hefyd wedi maddau i'n dyledwyr. Ac nac arwain ni i demtasiwn, ond gwared ni rhag drwg.

Activity Seven

Write a letter to either Reenie or Jude, telling them about where you live. Tell them about what your house, school and village is like. Compare it to theirs. Tell them what you like to do at the weekends or what you play with your friends.

Activity Eight

In both places, there were buildings on stilts. Why do you think these buildings were made like this?

Make a model of a building on stilts. You will have to work out how to make those long legs strong enough to support the building. be careful what you use.

Activity Nine

Write a report about the similarities and differences of the the two children's lives. Make sure you include the following:

  1. Climate of the place where they live.
  2. School
  3. Home
  4. Beach
  5. Buildings
  6. Playing with friends
  7. Languages
  8. What people in the area might do for a living.

Your report will be more interesting if you include maps, diagrams or sketches.

Extension activity - not for the faint hearted!

Plan a boat route from Cardiff to Port Moresby. Use a world map and identify all the different countries and waters passed. What would the weather be like on the route? What kinds of terrain and creatures might you come across at all stages of the journey? What would you need to take with you?

Want to know more?

Both Papua New Guinea and Wales are fascinating countries. If you want to learn more - click on the links below:

Papua New Guinea