Better than Google


The very safest is just to take all the photos you use yourself!

But of course that is not always feasible. Photo skills are not as good, lighting is poor, or you just haven't BEEN to Antarctica to take pictures of penguins! You have to be careful where you get images from. There ARE people on the internet that post pictures with the intent that someone will copy and end up using it ... and then they will sue. Check out this blogger and learn from her misfortune. Or this blogger.

Teachers and students get a little more copyright wiggle room than the average joe ... but it's still not leeway to use whatever you want whenever you want. And of course we want to model the very best digital citizenship practices for our students and not set them up for trouble later on. I'd like to see more image credits on student posters--if they can print the image they can print the citation! Properly sourcing images does take some time to get used to ... but then it's not hard after that.

Third grade, your kiddos cited the pictures on their notes. That was a start, at least. In the future we'd want to start adding that citation to the project itself. If you want to check the Dropbox folder where all of the images were housed I do have that available.

Creative Commons

I would not send kids to this one. These are not filtered at the level we'd want for kids so many of them are sites kids can't get to. This one is more for your use to gather images as choices to offer the kids, or for use in your own presentations or model projects. Your login is fine to access these sites. They are great places to get images others have shared with the intent for reuse. Check the different licenses ... some you have to give credit, some you don't, some you can "modify," some you can't.
Morguefile is another place people post photos with the intent for reuse. Quality is not always as good but professionals don't give away their best work for reuse for free.

Pics4Learning is another.

Always run a couple test searches first!