Austin's 5 Themes of Geography

By Natasha Fisher


This picture relates to the location of Austin, Texas because it shows the absolute location with the longitude and latitude of the city and also represents relative location by showing Austin in comparison to other cities in Texas.

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Place (Physical)

Hamilton Pool is one of the Austin area's water features. It's a natural pool formed from erosion of a underground river and also a great place to escape the Texas heat. Due to the drought, Lake Travis's water line has dropped and the temperature of the water has rose. Hamilton Pool is fed by a water fall and the temperature remains cool year round.
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Human- Environment Interaction

Effect of Earth on Humans:

Texas is in a drought. This picture represents the strict watering times Austin has set to try to conserve water. We have to set our sprinklers to water our lawns at night so the water doesn't evaporate due to the hot Texas sun.

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People come to Austin from not only across the country, but from across the world to go to the Austin City Limits Music Festival, South by Southwest, and the Formula One race. During those times the city's hotels and flights coming and going are packed with people from all around the world, visiting to enjoy local music.

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In this part of Texas, sports play a big role in our culture. Every sport, especially football is extremely competitive. Every Friday night families show up by the thousands to high school football games to socialize and support local high schools.

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