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April 12, 2019

Study Smarter (not Harder) with Memory Research

Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist and pioneer in memory research first published a study about memory in 1885 discussing a concept called the Forgetting Curve. The Forgetting Curve showed the decline of memory retention over time. He found that retention of information comes from continual study (relearning). Long-term retention comes from rehearsal, the re-studying of learned material. Cramming, the idea that spending a long period of time studying information only to regurgitate it soon for an exam, only increases the effect of the Forgetting Curve. Students will remember little of that crammed learning after the test.

Students retain information better when their learning is distributed over time. The Spacing Effect (also Ebbinghaus) says once one has studied long enough to master any material, further study at that time becomes inefficient. It is better to stop studying that material for the day and spend more time reviewing the material the next day. In 2013, memory researcher Henry Roediger agreed with Ebbinghaus stating, “Hundreds of studies have shown that distributed practice leads to more durable learning.”

Context Dependent Memory says it is easier to remember information when one is in the same or similar environment than where one learned it originally. When was the last time a student took an exam on their bed while listening to music or in front of the TV or while interacting with their cell phone? Because exams tend to be given in a quiet classroom, memory studies show students would do best to study in a quiet environment, sitting in a chair at a table without any technology distractions. While this may sound awful to your child, remind them memory and learning experts agree that short, consistent study times are way more effective than long cramming sessions. Studying for 30 minutes on one subject for three days in a row is a much better use of time than studying for three hours the night before an exam.

As a parent, you can help ensure your child’s success by helping them build their study skills. Create a quiet study area for them to learn and study. Ebbinghaus (and all BHS teachers) would be thrilled to hear students are studying in mid-April for upcoming AP Exams and end of semester finals!

Kristin O’Malley - Social Studies

Spring 2019 State Assessments begin Next Week!

The annual spring state assessments begin on Monday, April 15, for all 10th grade students.

Students should be sure to:

  1. Check the Assessment bulletin board in the Commons for their specific group and test times.
  2. Come to each test session with a fully charged device.
  3. Restart device before Monday morning for updates (if they did not do so at school this week).
  4. Get a good night’s sleep and eat healthy breakfast each day.

Thank you!

Career Center Events

New Local Scholarships available! PTSA Red Raider, Columbia Elementary School for $500, BASE Scholarship for $1000, the Trans Ocean for $1000 “Something to Smile About” for $1000, and. Juniors and Seniors check out the CC Scholarship web page or stop in the Career Center to see what is available.

Evergreen Boys State aims to simulate State government in a fun and engaging summer program. Participants will have an opportunity to construct local, county and state governments. Activities include running for office, court proceedings, creating and enforcing laws, developing leaderships skills and recreation. You’ll inspired by guest speakers, have fun and make new friends for life. Important addition to college and scholarship applications. Come to the Career Center for more information.

Skagit Valley College Information and Application HELP Session Tuesday April 16th (2:45) Raideraide Come to the Career Center to sign up to attend.

Going to Whatcom Community College next Fall?

Application Registration and Testing

Wednesday May 8th 1:30pm

Sign up in the Career Center to attend. Bring your laptop!

Bellingham Sports Report

Tuesday (4/9)

Baseball (Varsity): Mt. Baker 12 - Bellingham 6

Boys Soccer (Varsity): Bellingham 5 - Mt. Baker 1

Girls Tennis (Varsity): Bellingham 7 - Blaine 0

(JV): Bellingham 6 - Blaine 1

Wednesday (4/10)

Boys Soccer (C): Sehome 3 - Bellingham 1

Thursday (4/11)

Boys Soccer (Varsity): LC 1 - Bellingham 0

(JV): LC 4 - Bellingham 2

Friday (4/12)

Baseball (Varsity): Bellingham vs. Meridian @ Joe Martin

Girls Tennis (Varsity): Bellingham @ Anacortes, 3:30 pm

(JV): Bellingham vs. Anacortes @ BHS, 4 pm